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Vyatta Software

Vyatta software combines the features, performance and reliability of an enterprise-class router, firewall and VPN with the cost savings and flexibility of open-source solutions. Vyatta software-based solutions enable customers to build routing and security solutions using hardware of their choosing, ensuring that network will always meet performance requirements and scalability needs.

Vyatta software enables you to:

Get better price/performance than proprietary routers
See (Vyatta vs. Cisco 2821 )(Vyatta vs. Cisco 7200 )
Manage network infrastructure cost (Lower TCO)
Deliver integrated functions (NAT, Firewall, VPN, etc.)
Deploy reliable and secure open-source routing solutions
Customize solutions based on specific needs
Scale networks without forced hardware upgrades
Vyatta Support

Vyatta Router Appliances

Vyatta appliances enable users to:

Accelerate deployment of the Vyatta solution
Get superior performance for as low as 1/4 the price
Manage network infrastructure cost (Lower TCO)
Deliver integrated functions (NAT, Firewall, etc)
Deploy reliable and secure open source routing solutions

Vyatta 514 Router

The Vyatta 514 combines Vyatta's award-winning open-source secure routing software with a highly integrated, small form-factor hardware platform. With a small footprint and virtually noiseless operation, the Vyatta 514 is ideal for Small Office environments without a dedicated server or telecom room. Download Vyatta 514 Datasheet >>

Vyatta 1U router appliance

The Vyatta Dell 860 appliance delivers a pre-integrated open-software and standard hardware solution in a 1U rack mount form factor. The system's processing power and hardware flexibility make it a great solution for the mid-range routing and security requirements of SME, Enterprise and Service Provider sites. Download Vyatta Dell 860 Appliance Datasheet >>  

Sotacomm Appliances

Sotacomm Router Appliances are powered by Vaytta. Vyatta Professional and Enterprise Subscriptions are available with Sotacomm Router Appliances as well as local support, installation and training from Sotacomm.

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