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UTM Secutity Gateway Appliances


Orders of magnitude easier to use, buy, deploy, manage and maintain. Learn once!  Consistent and repeatable operation.


Most cost effective way to buy, deploy, manage,
and maintain network solutions.


Eliminates the need for maintaining/tuning signatures, lists or features! New applications to address escalating new threats and growth.


Untangle harnesses the best of open source and commercial point products. Rapid ‘time to market” responding to new threat.



Unprecedented Value

Unprecedented Value


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Security Gateways

An Integrated Solution That Works Harder For You

Overwhelmed by the hardware and software options you need to add to your network to stay current and protected?  Do you just want a solution that you know is going to work today and tomorrow – one that is efficient, seamless and won’t take a lot to make it happen?

When the founders of Untangle looked at this problem, they realized that much of the best network and security software was already available in the open source community.  However, this software was largely inaccessible to resource-stretched IT departments. It was too labor intensive to set-up, required considerable expertise to configure, and required too many servers to be practical. Thus Untangle was born with the vision of simplifying and consolidating network functions such as spam, spyware, and virus blocking, web filtering, IPS, and VPN into a single, easy to use solution.

The Best Open Source Projects in One Open Source Platform

The Untangle Gateway Platform provides access to over 30 of the best open source projects (including SpamAssasin, Vipul’s Razor, ClamAV, and OpenVPN), packaged into 14 fully integrated applications that deploy in minutes. Untangle has done all the heavy lifting, delivering:

    * full reporting
    * automatic updates
    * graphical management console
    * active directory integration*
    * live technical support*
    * and more

 Go ahead, give us a try and join the Untangle Community.

 * Professional Package add-on required