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Heads Up Display!

Revolutionary User Interface

HUD puts simple and powerful call management capabilities at your fingertips with additional features that enhance efficiency and productivity across your company.

HUD’s robust desktop display panel shows you who is on the phone and with whom they are speaking.

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HUD also includes other call management and time-saver features such as drag and drop call transfer, click-to-call mobile phone, easy creation of extension groups and chat capabilities that provide you with a private, internal messaging network.



TB Pro notebook screen


Market Proven

Welcome to the latest evolution in Open Source communications. The technology that drives TB Pro has been derived from hardened PBXtra technology, which has been commercially proven since 2004 with thousands of existing installations and over 225 million calls to date. This means it is market proven.

Award Winning Software 

The software has received unparalleled industry recognition including 2006 Product of the Year by Communications Solutions, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Product of the Year from Internet Telephony Magazine, and 2005 Editor's Choice and Best IP-PBX for SMBs from Network Computing.

Advanced Features of Enterprise-Class Telephony

TB Pro is stocked with advanced features such as auto-attendant, Outlook integration, voicemail-to-email, conference bridges, CRM integration, detailed reporting, HUD, call center capabilities, and more.

TB Pro + HUD

Each TB Pro edition comes standard with HUD, the all-in-one presence management tool that allows employees to control business communication from their desktops. HUD enables effective communication across a teleworker enterprise by adding real-time access to employees via private enterprise chat, click to call, click to email, and drag and drop call transfer. TB Pro Call Center Edition and HUD work hand-in-hand to deploy a distributed inbound and outbound call center with queue status, on-the-fly recording, call barging, and more.

Highly Scalable to Grow With Your Business

Designed and tested for businesses with 2 to 500 employees per location, TB Pro scales from single-site businesses, with basic telephony needs, up to distributed call centers and even multi-national corporations. Need advanced presence management and communication tools? TB Pro has these too!

Know about Problems — Before Someone Else Does

TB Pro's market-proven, hybrid-hosted architecture allows systems to be proactively monitored and maintained. You can quickly and easily learn about the status of your system and receive notifications based on operating thresholds that you define or real-time, graphical reports for system resources, trunk interfaces, and even see historical snapshots.

Hybrid-Hosted — The Best of Both Worlds!

TB Pro is built on a unique patent-pending architecture that has the reliability of premise, but the flexibility of hosted, therefore "hybrid-hosted". Like a hosted solution, you get free VoIP calling, easy telecommuters, anywhere management, and monitoring. But, like a premise solution, you also get rock-solid PSTN connectivity, advanced premise-style features (hosted usually lags years behind), and complete call privacy.


Hybrid Hosted

Secure Local Data

Because your TB Pro starts at the premise, it continues to receive and make calls if your Internet connection goes down. Your data is also 100% private because your voice traffic, voicemails, and recordings are only stored at your premise. Hybrid-hosted architecture communicates with your TB Pro server via a VPN connection which means that you don't need to open any firewall ports!

    Hybrid-Hosted Benefits
    Multi-office Management via Admin Portal
    Web-based User Portal
    System Monitoring
    Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deletes (MACDs) Management
    Automatic Software Updates
    Zero-Configuration Teleworker Functionality
    Report Generation

Web-based Management Portal

The TB Pro Data Center maintains a highly available cluster of Web servers that allow all administrative and user interfaces to be accessible from anywhere at anytime through any Web browser. In contrast, a locally hosted management portal would require that you allow external Web access to your system, which may compromise the security of your internal network.

Planning, Installation, Training and Support

SOTACOMM provides planning, site-survey, network assesment, installation, implementation, training and multiple levels of support.

TB Pro Standard Edition (SE)

TB Pro Standard Edition (SE) is our base hybrid-hosted telephony solution for small businesses that need enterprise-class features.  TB Pro SE includes features such as: a powerful and intuitive web interface for both administrators and users, auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, Outlook integration, music on hold, a spell-by-name directory, and more.  TB Pro also comes with HUDlite.

TB Pro Enterprise Edition (EE)

A step up from TB Pro SE, TB Pro Enterprise Edition (EE) contains all of the features of Standard Edition, but adds conference bridges, multiple auto-attendants, paging, intercom (group + individual), group permissions, and more. TB Pro EE also comes with HUD Pro which adds presence management, drag and drop call control, private enterprise chat, interactive desktop alerts, and more.

TB Pro Call Center Edition (CCE)

TB Pro Call Center Edition (CCE) builds on the powerful features of both SE and EE by adding advanced call center capabilities at an unbelievably low price. Designed for companies with 2 - 200 agents, CCE adds robust ACD and IVR capabilities with unlimited queues, skills-based routing, real-time queue statistics, graphical reports, web-based recording access, and more. TB Pro CCE comes with HUD Pro and adds advanced agent capabilities such as on-the-fly recording, call barge, call monitor, CRM integration, and one-touch agent login.


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TB Pro User Portal

Simple and Powerful

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